Construction begins! Nov. 2013


It’s official.  

Work on the landscaping improvements at the Kezar Triangle is finally underway! Soon, the eroded dirt trails and patchy irrigation will be replaced with a new efficient watering system, improved accessible pathways and entry areas, native plantings along the periphery, spaces for temporary art, and an unobstracted central grass meadow for recreational activities.

fenced site

SFRPD has a page with contact information, too, as official recognition of the work in progress.  :)

NOTE:  Contractors are installing a temporary protective fence around the field beginning in November so work can begin on the lawn and irrigation excavation. Over the next months the remaining work will be completed and the Triangle should be open to the public and ready for discus practice in early 2014. It will take the young plants a while to get established but the bulk of the landscaping should be completed by then.  We’re very much looking forward to keeping you updated and getting the Kezar Triangle ready for its full potential in the years ahead.

Thank you, as always, for your support, helpful feedback and patience with the slow but important approval process all along the way.  Once the Triangle is reopened we will be looking for volunteers for gardening support and for participation in the Kezar Triangle Arts Coalition which will help plan activities and temporary installations for the site. Stay tuned and let us know how you might like to get involved!

Happy Autumn and hoping the weather smiles on the construction and planting process.


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