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SF Rec and Park Commission Approves Conceptual Plan!

Abigail Maher from SFRPD and Jeff Miller from Miller Company Landscape Architects presenting the proposed improvements for the Kezar Triangle before the Commissioners.

On August 7th, the SF Recreation and Park Dept Capital Committee approved the Conceptual Plan for the Kezar Triangle and then referred it for further approval by the full Committee, Thursday, August 15th in City Hall in San Francisco. It was unanimously approved again, kind words were said and now we’re on our way!

We were item #11 on the agenda –

Next we have more meetings with the Rec and Park Dept Structural Review Department who will go over technical and planting details and if all goes well, we’ll be able to begin work in late October / early November of 2013.  The whole construction phase will involve improving the irrigation system and upgrading the trails and entry areas as well as peripheral plantings and is predicted to take 2-3 months of work.  Fingers crossed!

Thank you all for your help and support getting us to this stage.  The final design is the result of all the public and individual meetings we’ve had to date with neighbors as well as years of work with the City and community groups to make something we hope will meet everyone’s needs artfully, ecologically and effectively.

Third and Final Public Meeting!

The Rec and Park Dept has announced this officially and we’ve sent out emails and posted on Facebook and would love your help spreading the word- hope you can join us!  :)


Kezar Triangle

Please join us for the third, and final, in a series of public meetings to present the Final Conceptual Plan for the improvement project for the Kezar Triangle, a section of Golden Gate Park between Lincoln Way, Kezar Drive and Arguello Blvd.   Your input is very important!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
County Fair Building, Auditorium
(9th Ave. and Lincoln Way)

Hosted by the Friends of Kezar Triangle. This project is sponsored by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department and the San Francisco Parks Alliance

For additional information please contact
Friends of Kezar Triangle– email:

Spread the word!



Thank you for coming out to the 2nd public meeting!


Landscape architect Jeff Miller presenting the latest design proposal for the Kezar Triangle at our 2nd Community meeting.


Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the SF County Fair Auditorium last night for our Second Design Proposal review meeting.  A good number of people attended and many new faces!

After an introduction by Eric Andersen of SFRPD and an overview by Holly Pearson of the planning process for projects like this one, Carla Crane shared her inspiration for the project and Sam Bower shared some of the context so far.  Landscape architect Jeff Miller then walked everyone through the previous design proposals and on to the latest version that incorporates feedback from the previous meeting and some new improvements.  Then the floor opened to questions, discussion and feedback from the public.  Much of the discussion centered around the pathways and the possibility of adding a second crosswalk along Lincoln near the existing one for added safety.  A proposal to stage the actual implementation of the landscaping in phases over time, was said to be unnecessary and we were encouraged to make the great bulk of improvements together, even if we had to close off the park to do it. The goal would be to get it all done soon, minimize disruption, heal the existing pathways and protect new plantings. Timing would also have to consider use of part of the field for discus and track events in the Spring.

After much discussion, the room was unanimously in favor of the proposal so far and encouraged us move ahead with things!

Then, Sam then shared some images of some of the temporary nature based art being considered for the area and discussed how an arts coalition could be formed to help manage that aspect of the project over time.  The audience was again receptive and encouraging and the evening ended with applause!

Now we have to get down to the detail level of budgeting, the specifics of trail and entry area stabilization, irrigation, native planting palette and the integrated art components and pass those back and forth with SFRPD and Jeff Miller and Co.  Once we have a clear sense of those details we then have a 3rd public meeting for public comments and review.  After that then it goes in front of RPD again and the Planning Commission and other digestive processes.

If all goes well, it looks like we might be able to begin actual landscaping improvements in the Spring of 2013.  If we can get city support for the new safety pedestrian crosswalk on Lincoln Way that will also help tremendously with the flow of people on the North end of the Triangle.

That’s the update!  We’ll be posting more details soon.  Thanks again for all the support and as always looking forward to your feedback and participation.