Beautiful Opening Day

Carla Crane cutting the ribbon ~ it's official!

Thank you all so much for the inspirational Opening Day at the Triangle. Perfect weather, great turn out and lots of fun. Thanks to all who joined us and especially to the performers and volunteers who made it all possible. A truly heart warming way to celebrate the opening of this newly transformed public space.

Here are some photos from the event itself uploaded by Rec and Park staff plus an album of more photos on Facebook!

There’s even a video!

Please join us as we plan events and future temporary art for the Kezar Triangle as well as volunteer work parties to help week and tend to the plantings.

Landscaping Volunteer coordinator: email the Rec and Park Department

If you want to help us plan events and select new temporary art projects at the Kezar Triangle, please email us and consider joining the Kezar Triangle Art Coalition. We welcome feedback and any suggestions of ways to to improve the area as well as thoughts about what you love and enjoy already!

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