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Summer Solstice picnic event! Sat. Jun 22, 2-5pm!

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On Saturday, June 22, from 2-5pm, we’re celebrating the Summer Solstice at the Kezar Triangle!

(Kezar Dr. & Lincoln Way, S.F.)


FOR: “markings“- a new workshop + artwork led by

The piece is interactive, and will last until around 6pm.

Participants are invited to join us and sit on triangular picnic blankets (designed by Lea Redmond!) set out on the lawn bordered with marker flags. Acoustic music will be played off and on throughout the day.

Three times during the day, interested participants will be given a ‘tour’ of Kezar Triangle led by artist Emily Tareila, to heighten their ‘sense of place’ of the area. The tour will include 2 sections of KT: where the Quigley house was (NW near nasturtiums), and in the E end near where the stables were (future site of a temporary barley project).

Participants will be invited to share their memories of the area, drink barley tea and enjoy live acoustic music on the field. Recordings of local histories will be posted online on to create an archive of memories the area.

FREE and OPEN TO ALL:  Please spread the word and invite anyone who might enjoy sharing their memories of this area known as the Kezar Triangle (or “the Greens”).

Hope to see you there!       :)


Third and Final Public Meeting!

The Rec and Park Dept has announced this officially and we’ve sent out emails and posted on Facebook and would love your help spreading the word- hope you can join us!  :)


Kezar Triangle

Please join us for the third, and final, in a series of public meetings to present the Final Conceptual Plan for the improvement project for the Kezar Triangle, a section of Golden Gate Park between Lincoln Way, Kezar Drive and Arguello Blvd.   Your input is very important!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
County Fair Building, Auditorium
(9th Ave. and Lincoln Way)

Hosted by the Friends of Kezar Triangle. This project is sponsored by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department and the San Francisco Parks Alliance

For additional information please contact
Friends of Kezar Triangle– email:

Spread the word!



Equinox event Saturday, March 23, 4-8pm!

Hi everyone,

Please help us get the word out and share in your various online and offline networks.

Saturday, March 23 from 4pm-8pm Friends of Kezar Triangle is honored to invite you to an Equinox Celebration picnic with art and music, dirt and bubbles.

We’d love to have a good crowd at this.  Should be a fun way to usher in the change of seasons and welcome the tipping point of the Kezar Triangle as we move ahead into the new year!

You can help us out by posting this on Facebook, sending the invite by email to your friends and neighbors and even printing up a few to hand out!

Bring warm clothes, a thermos with hot tea and snacks to share!  Bring a flashlight too for the evening bubblescapes!

Hope to see you there!

Thank you for coming out to the 2nd public meeting!


Landscape architect Jeff Miller presenting the latest design proposal for the Kezar Triangle at our 2nd Community meeting.


Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the SF County Fair Auditorium last night for our Second Design Proposal review meeting.  A good number of people attended and many new faces!

After an introduction by Eric Andersen of SFRPD and an overview by Holly Pearson of the planning process for projects like this one, Carla Crane shared her inspiration for the project and Sam Bower shared some of the context so far.  Landscape architect Jeff Miller then walked everyone through the previous design proposals and on to the latest version that incorporates feedback from the previous meeting and some new improvements.  Then the floor opened to questions, discussion and feedback from the public.  Much of the discussion centered around the pathways and the possibility of adding a second crosswalk along Lincoln near the existing one for added safety.  A proposal to stage the actual implementation of the landscaping in phases over time, was said to be unnecessary and we were encouraged to make the great bulk of improvements together, even if we had to close off the park to do it. The goal would be to get it all done soon, minimize disruption, heal the existing pathways and protect new plantings. Timing would also have to consider use of part of the field for discus and track events in the Spring.

After much discussion, the room was unanimously in favor of the proposal so far and encouraged us move ahead with things!

Then, Sam then shared some images of some of the temporary nature based art being considered for the area and discussed how an arts coalition could be formed to help manage that aspect of the project over time.  The audience was again receptive and encouraging and the evening ended with applause!

Now we have to get down to the detail level of budgeting, the specifics of trail and entry area stabilization, irrigation, native planting palette and the integrated art components and pass those back and forth with SFRPD and Jeff Miller and Co.  Once we have a clear sense of those details we then have a 3rd public meeting for public comments and review.  After that then it goes in front of RPD again and the Planning Commission and other digestive processes.

If all goes well, it looks like we might be able to begin actual landscaping improvements in the Spring of 2013.  If we can get city support for the new safety pedestrian crosswalk on Lincoln Way that will also help tremendously with the flow of people on the North end of the Triangle.

That’s the update!  We’ll be posting more details soon.  Thanks again for all the support and as always looking forward to your feedback and participation.

2nd Public Meeting

Dear Friends and neighbors,

Our next community meeting to review the latest proposal for the landscaping improvements to the Kezar Triangle is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14th!  Please mark your calendars and join us if you can.

We’ve been steadily getting together art ideas and meeting with local neighbors, Miller Company Landscape Architects and the Rec and Park Department as well as other public officials. Things are starting to come together and we’re quite excited to share the latest versions of the proposal with you.

Warm regards and as always, we welcome and look forward to your thoughts!

Public Meeting Tuesday July 24th, 6-7:30pm!

The Rec and Park Dept has announced this officially and we’ve sent out emails – hope you can join us!  :)


Kezar Triangle

Please join us for the first in a series of public meetings to present the Draft Design Concept for the Kezar Triangle, a section of Golden Gate Park between Lincoln Way, Kezar Drive and Arguello Blvd. All ages are welcome – Your input is very important!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
County Fair Building, Auditorium
(9th Ave. and Lincoln Way)

Hosted by the Friends of Kezar Triangle. Project is sponsored by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department and the San Francisco Parks Alliance

For additional information please contact
Friends of Kezar Triangle– email:

Thanks and help us spread the word!


Carla and I were at the Triangle recently exploring the placement possibilities for a temporary barley planting artwork and managed to get quite close to a little gopher.  Made me think it might be fun to collect gopher video footage…

hello. what's this?

'Video' Post | By on June 6, 2012

New Trees!

At 8:30am on a Friday morning, Carla Crane, Linda Chamorro and I (Sam Bower), met with Zack Taylor and his friendly crew of apprentice gardeners from the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department to begin the first phase of the incremental transformation of the Kezar Triangle.  We’ve been advised to start small and work within what Golden Gate Park would want to do anyway, so we’ve begun with and got approval for the planting of 16 new trees along the northeastern edge of the Kezar Triangle!  We’re proud to welcome a mix of native coast live oaks (Quercus agrifolia) and California buckeyes (Aesculus californica or California Horse-chestnut).

Here’s the beautiful view as we walked to the site in the early morning facing East…

early morning

And so the digging began…

tree and hole

The first tree to be planted was one of the coast live oaks (Quercus agrifolia).  You can see the others still in pots on the lawn.

the first tree!

Here’s a detail of one of the California Buckeye or Horse Chestnut trees (Aesculus californica) planted and watered with still more people planting in the background. That’s Linda Chamorro of Rebar Group in black who volunteered for the morning and planted several trees.

horse chestnut

Here’s Carla Crane working hard in the dirt and applying her gardening skills to the task (while I, Sam, after planting one tree, loaf around taking pictures…).  ;^)

coast live oak

More planting…

landcaping apprentice and linda planting

And the last part was to stake and support the new trees for safety. The SFRPD tree planting crew pounding in the stakes first…

pounding in the stakes

And using the rubber straps to hold the trees in place.  The orientation of the stakes allows for the trees to move somewhat and takes into account the prevailing westerly winds.  Let’s hope they do well!

staking and protecting the new trees

Here’s the happy planting crew led by Zack Taylor of Golden Gate Park and his crew of apprentice gardeners and tree specialists.  Carla Crane and Sam Bower of Friends of Kezar Triangle in the middle.

planting crew

Thanks everyone!  We’ll have an official welcome for the trees on Earth Day 4/22.  It will be a while before they reach any significant size but it’s a great place to start.  Some native ground plantings nearby and mulch and eventually, irrigation improvements next…

The challenge in the future:  how do we make this more artful?  How do we involve more people in future plantings?  Many opportunities ahead, join us!

Earth Day Community Picnic! 4/22/12

Join us at the Kezar Triangle to celebrate the Park’s planting of new trees (native coast live oaks and California buckeyes) on the site with a community picnic! We will begin with a welcoming ceremony and continue on with an artful blanket arrangement and embroidery activity with artist Lea Redmond; hands-on ephemeral “create with nature” projects with artist Zach Pine; and a chance to share food, meet your neighbors and enjoy the sun and the Earth. Please bring your picnic fixings, friends, kids, dogs and something to share!

From 12:30-1:30pm: meditation at the Kezar Triangle (before the event)

The full event:  Sunday, April 22, 2012,  2:00pm – 5:00pm

Where:  Kezar Triangle, Kezar Dr. and Lincoln Way, San Francisco, CA

earth day poster

This is an art/nature/community activity hosted by Friends of Kezar Triangle with the SF Parks Alliance and SF Recreation & Parks.

Share the event with your friends on Facebook!

Gopher(it) Day! 11/6/11

Gopher(it) Day was our first official event at the Kezar Triangle. We’d had meetings and several picnics there with friends before but this time we wanted to make it public.  How do we communicate this blend of art, ecology and community engagement?

planning picnic

In honor of the gophers who seem to thrive there, we decided on naming a day after them and invited people to join us and the rest of the critters for a picnic.  The day featured live music by the RockBandLand Rockers, artful picnic blankets designed by Lea Redmond (to be featured on Earth Day 2012) and a live nature tour and soil sampling event with Deidre Martin of Nature in the City.  And, more importantly, people got to talk with neighbors and share food and have fun in this often overlooked section of Golden Gate Park.

Gopher(it) Day event poster

RockBandLand Rockers played and people ate and talked and sat on Lea Redmond’s fun triangular blanket prototypes and played ball, and we even looked at the plants and took soil samples for analysis to test the soil in various parts of the park. Here’s a blog post from Lea describing the playful triangular picnic blankets she tested out during Gopher(it) Day and will be featuring on Earth Day 2012!

lea redmond blankets

The generous and inspiring Brian and Marcus from Rock Band Land joined us for an afternoon of music in the park.  Check out this “Too Much Soda” clip composed in part by our young friends (seen jumping around in the beginning) Siobhan and Sean Michael McCarthy!

The day was also part science, too.  Deidre Martin of Nature in the City led a little Nature Tour with Greg Gaar from the nearby Native Plant Nursery and helped us with our first plant inventory of the site.

soil sample collecting

For an overall sense of our first public event at the Kezar Triangle, this shot seems to capture the mix of participation and engagement and variety as the 30+ people wandered around the triangle, exploring and having fun.

playing ball

All in all it was a unique and intimate event and we look forward to more!

One important thing we learned is that Golden Gate Park does have a hard time with gophers and prefers not to have people focus on these furry friends.  The SFRPD does great work out there on a dwindling budget to keep our parks safe and beautiful.  Send the critters and maintenance staff some love and focus on the wide range of other plants and animals and sights in our parks.  With luck and our collective efforts, Friends of Kezar Triangle will help bring some improvements to the area.  Getting people to enjoy the area enjoying  a variety of activities is just the start.

Please let us know your thoughts and join us for the next event!  :)