This is just one example of some of the temporary projects being planned with public support for the Triangle: The Plot to Grow Art is a small fenced area dedicated to growing ideas that help connect people to place through temporary plantings and agriculture. Several times a year, with the help of volunteers, plants will grow and be harvested to reflect a particular theme or concept. It might be an agricultural crop, a useful natural dye or plant with historical significance. Current Crop: Lupine freshly planted with mulch from the previous crop of organic barley!

The Friends of Kezar Triangle approach is not just about landscaping improvements and engaging the neighborhood to improve and enliven this Southeastern entry point to Golden Gate Park, it is also about using temporary nature-based art to draw people in and make these connections more visible.

In 2013, the Kezar Triangle Arts Coalition, a volunteer-run advisory and planning group, was founded to help support placemaking activities and cultural infrastructure at the Kezar Triangle. The group meets monthly at the nearby Circus Center and is in the process of working closely with our colleagues at the Recreation and Park Department, the San Francisco Arts Commission, our fiscal sponsors at the Parks Alliance as well as local arts organizations, neighbors and larger arts community to come up with clear guidelines for participation, standardized agreements, streamlined insurance for participating artists as well as shaping a larger long term strategic plan for the area.

It’s actually quite fun and for us, very exciting to pioneer the practical infrastructure for some of these very temporary and participative nature-based projects within the context of Golden Gate Park. We aim to make it easier in the future for a wide range of temporary projects to take place in the years to come. How can art serve and connect local visitors and residents to ecology and history and make connections visible?

Our approach is a far cry from the statues John McLaren grew to despise. It’s temporary, it’s engaging and it’s nature-based and inspired. We welcome your participation. If you want to join the Arts Coalition, please email us for more information about our next meeting!


Wood Wave –┬áChuck Oaklander

The Plot to Grow Art – Various artist / farmer volunteers



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