View from the North side of the Kezar Triangle on Opening Day, Spring Equinox 2014.

Friends of Kezar triangle is a non-profit organization formed to re-imagine and revitalize the Kezar Triangle, a 2.8 acre section of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Our goal is to promote a holistic approach to place that combines art, ecology and community engagement.  Park improvements and art events emerge from this understanding. With the creative support of the Carla and David Crane Foundation and a growing coalition of neighbors, artists, and urban landscape specialists, the group has been working with the SF Recreation and Parks Department on the site as a fiscally sponsored project of the San Francisco Parks Alliance.  Local residents and all those who pass through and enjoy the Kezar Triangle are invited to join us in asking:

How can the Kezar Triangle serve, engage and delight its community more effectively?

Friends of Kezar Triangle is happy to celebrate the completion of the first phase of a revitalization program that has been nearly two years in the making. With the support and guidance of our partners and the community, visitors to the park can now enjoy the benefits of new irrigation improvements, ground rehabilitation and ADA compliance, native trees and plants that emphasize color and texture planted by Miller Company Landscape Architects. With guidance from the volunteer Kezar Triangle Arts Coalition, a variety of nature-based temporary art installations will be created and installed in the park over the coming years, all of which are intended to encourage community engagement.

As always, we welcome your support, ideas and enthusiasm for helping transform what was largely a pass-through park into a vibrant place for people and nature.

If you want to volunteer for events and plantings at the Kezar Triangle please email our volunteer coordinator at the Rec and Park Department!

We also have a Facebook Group and a Page…  Please email if you have any questions or are interested in joining the Kezar Triangle Art Coalition to help us select new temporary projects for the site.

Project sponsored by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department and the San Francisco Parks Alliance

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  1. isabel wade says:

    Sorry I could not make the meeting. While being respectful of other, existing uses, I would love to see if a ‘farm’ could be incorporated in part of the site – at least one that includes a community orchard and ideally one where we could raise small animals and use this as part of the GFE demonstration gardens for learning. Lots of people and kids are interested in raising chickens for eggs and goats for cheese and this would be very dynamic and very visible there– with art of course!

    • friendsofkezartriangle says:

      Thanks Isabel! It seems the animal side of things might require more supervision and be of concern to some neighbors. Our proposal at this point is to focus on the peripheral areas, bring in some additional native trees and plantings and and improve the entry areas and address the erosion and pathway issues. The hope is to do it all artfully and engage residents and visitors. We might have a smaller area set aside along the edge for temporary experimental or creative planting projects that could involve gardens, agricultural art projects, etc. The art elements could be woven throughout. Would love to discuss ideas with you.

  2. Cecile Bodington says:

    I hope the plans for the triangle include maintaining the discus throw area or some other convenient location for the discus near the Kezar track!

    • friendsofkezartriangle says:

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, our plans currently are to propose keeping the discus area as is to ensure the children have a place to practice throwing and for track meets. We also plan to make the whole meadow area safer and more open with improved ground cover.

  3. tony lee says:

    Not only would live animals be distacting to drivers on that very busy section of Lincoln but they would smell up the neighborhood. There are many people living around the triangle and some are sensitive to smell or worse, allergic to animals.
    Keep the animals off public land. If you want animals, put them on your own land.

    • friendsofkezartriangle says:

      Thanks for the comment, Tony. While we’re always open to ideas, we are not proposing to introduce animals into the Kezar Triangle. Safety is a concern for everyone and we all definitely want the site and crosswalk areas to serve everyone who passes by and visits.

      If there’s community support and interest in farming and temporary artful projects we’d love to create a framework for exploring those ideas down the line. Right now, we plan to address the main improvements in terms of peripheral landscaping and plantings in an artful and practical way.

      What would you most like to see in terms of improvements?

    • MistOfTheCity says:

      Like pollution and all the noise from MUNI diesel buses and Kezar Stadium isn’t enough. Please think things out before posting shallow truths. Hardly the the few animals Isabel suggested will not have much of an effect unless someone wants to create fallacy. There are more dogs and cats and rats and gophers and coyotes and birds and…and…and…Really?! (as per the Seth Meyers’ segment on SNL)

  4. MistOfTheCity says:

    You say you are a nonprofit but a business search comes up blank on the name of this group. It is unlawful and illegal to represent and promote yourself as a specific legal business entity when you hold no such status. If you are a project of some fiscal sponsor there are legal requirements for you disclose that in specific ways as set forth by both the state and your fiscal sponsor.

    • friendsofkezartriangle says:

      Thanks Mist,

      As it says in the “About” text above at the top of the page, Friends of Kezar Triangle is fiscally sponsored by the San Francisco Parks Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Any contributions to help support the landscaping improvements or temporary art projects are therefore tax deductible through SFPA.

  5. Susan Strolis says:

    It has been a year since this site was re-developed and the public has been enjoying it more than ever. There is a monthly volunteer effort that happens on the first Saturday of every month from 9am-noon so please join this event when you can. There is an on-going call for artists being reviewed by the Parks Alliance. The most recent installation, “Growth Rings,” can be enjoyed under the cover of the pine trees at the west side.
    To celebrate the anniversary, please pack a picnic and a blanket and plan to enjoy this beautiful space after the volunteer effort on May 2, 2015.

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